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Relentless Freeze Festival

October 30th, 2011


Freeze 2011 Highlights from Freeze Festival TV on Vimeo.


Well a bit of a Manic weekend. I was @Freeze Festival in London with the Ski Alpine Crew. Ive not seen most of them since i was last away in the Alps top end of the year so was a good opportunity for a Mash up & a Catch Up

Started drinking pretty early down in Clapham. Hit a House party over in south London and then went on to the festival. Clocks going back meant we got bit more drinking time. Watching some people go over the 32 meter kicker was amazing – this thing is 100m long


The Ramp @ Relentless Freeze Fest



Quite a few different artists there too. So the atmosphere, from what i remember and im not going to lie some of it in patches is a bit blurry was pretty sweet.

Hope to be uploading some pictures at some point So on that note i will leave you with some  BOB snowboarding highlights from the weekend


BOB snowboard highlights from Freeze Festival TV on Vimeo.

Ski Alpine Video

January 31st, 2011


While i was Snowboarding in Les Arc’s with Ski Alpine, I took quite a bit of video. We had a Go Pro Helmet Cam and i shot quite a bit of footage on my Iphone. Managed to edit it all together this weekend, so take a look at the above video 😉

Ski Alipne In Les Arcs

January 10th, 2011

So 2011 is here already. What better way to spend it than carving through the slopes on a Snowboard in the Alps 😉

I have just come back from a trip working with Ski Alpine as a Holiday Rep. I was working in the resort of Les Arc and in total we had about 300 students there.  Was hard work, long days but still managed  to get about 5 –  6 hours of snowboarding in a day

As for the Apres Ski, Never known anything like it!!   being in  a resort packed with so many students there was always mega drinking sessions going on   🙂  and i think a couple of times  i was on the side of the mountain still smashed from the night before

One of the highlights from the week   was the mountain meal.  where we take the last lifts up the mountain at night. We had a meal at the Arpet restaurant

Once everyone is done eating Raclette and drinking wine, the tables then clear for some banging Apres Ski.

Later in the night nce everyone was crunked up. We then gave the students flaming tourches and guided them down the mountain back to the resort. most of them still naked  !

Deffo the best week that ive had snowboarding so far. I took some pictures while i was away which can be found by CLICKING HERE

Managed to get some video  while we was away and on the last day we  managed to steal a Go Pro helmet cam. So when i get time i am going to have a go at editing the video together

Working in Les Arcs This coming Season

November 24th, 2010

I got an email today, im working in the Ski resort of  Les Arcs this coming season.  Should have time to fit plenty of boarding in too 😀

its a bit further south in the Alps, about 250 miles from where i was in Val-dIsere but it will be good to check out another resort

And what the brochure says…….

Les Arcs is a wonderful, modern resort filled with inspiring skiing. Linked to La Plagne, the Paradiski area offers a massive 425 km of pistes, including the Aiguille Rouge glacier above Arc 2000 with guaranteed snow. There are 5 self-contained villages at different heights: Arc 1800 has a lively atmosphere and excellent access to the skiing. Arc 2000 is popular with experienced skiers, with skiing to and from the doorstep. Arc 1600 has a village type atmosphere with a number of shops. The luxury self-catering village of Arc 1950 is the newest and has a good range of shops, restaurants and amenities. Peisey Villandry is a quiet hamlet, but in an great location at the foot of the Vanoise Express to make the most of the whole Paradiski area, one of the largest ski areas in the world

I leave this coming new years day … so bring it on!! 😉