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Santander British GrandPrix 2009

June 22nd, 2009



F1 British Grand Prix

I was at the British Grand prix over the weekend. Had tickets for all three days.

It could possibly be the last one at Silverstone so couldnt miss it really 🙂

Went witk my mate Nick from Uni. The weather held out but unfortunatly we didnt get a Brit on the Podium 🙁  I was there rooting for Hamilton, but the state of his car i wouldnt of minded if Button Clenched the podium

However, it was a good race for redbull.  a 1-2 for them. With us right opposite the pit straight we could see the Pit crew celebrating as Vettel crossed the finish line

Red Bull Pit Crew


Other than the race there was quite a lot going on with different stands and the Red Arrows display team were there

Red Arrows


They also had the BMW and Porsche super cups, Mark Brundell that used to host the commentary when the coverage used to be on ITV

Mclaren aslo had areas that allowed you to get close to last years car, and thei AMG saftey car

Mercedes AMG saftey Car

Me and Nick were also on stage with the Mclaren Pit crew, trying to beat the record of the day for changing a tyre. we didnt beat it, but 5.8 seconds for a tyre change when your hanging from the night before isnt too bad. I will upload the video as soon as i get a chance

In the meantime you can see the Pictures from the race weekend by CLICKING HERE