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Camp Bastion 5K Midnight Pedro Run

September 29th, 2012



Just completed the Bastion 5K Midnight Pedro Run. Bit of a manic course this as there is about 600+ people running round a Pedro landing pad thats about 1K in total (5 Laps). Makes getting past people the first couple of K’s a bit difficult.

First time ive taken my GPS watch out for a spin. Unfortunately i cant put up the map of the route but above is the run data. Not a brilliant time as i am still getting over man flu, but hey, its for charity so its a good cause….. and you get a TShirt for doing the run

For those of you that use Nike plus you can find me HERE 

Birmingham Half Marathon

October 13th, 2009



Birmingham Half Marathon Nike+ Stats


Took Part in the Birmingham Half Marathon a couple of days ago.  First time running 13 miles, well without any weight strapped to my back anyway 😉 So was originally planning to use this as a bench mark. My target was to do it in just under 2 hours. my actual time was 2hrs 0mins 52sec … so not far off


Above shows the place that i came, 3428th – which isnt too bad considering that close to 10000 people took part



Birmingham Half Marathon

July 21st, 2009

I have signed up for the Birmingahm Half Marathon this week, in order to start running. 13 miles so thats not too bad 😉 …. Just as it turns out i couldnt say no to peer pressure

Went runing last night too and found a nice route along Birmingham Canal

In order to track my progress i have been using my Nike+ kit. Eventually once i have completed my run i will use my Nike+ in order to upload my time

Below is my Profile on Nike+

Below is my running information that i have recorded with Nike +

My Last 5 Runs

…. So keep watching this space for more on my trainning 😀