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Macadelic Mixtape

April 19th, 2012


Ive been listening to Mac Miller for quite some time now and have featured his previous mixtape I Love Life Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.

I coped a copy of his album ‘Blue Side Park’ back in November 2011 Loved that and gotta say that this mix tape lives up to expectations, been blazing it while i have been driving all over europe on my travels.

Mac Miller is on a UK tour at the end of May, hitting London, Manchester and Birmingham.Pretty gutted that i cant go with this tour of Afghan coming up but ah well, DOWNLOAD  the Mixtape and let me know what you think. Track listing is as follows

Mac Miller – Macadelic Track List

01 Love Me As I Have Loved You (prod. Ritz Reynolds)
02 Desperado (prod. ID Labs)
03 Loud (prod. ID Labs)
04 Thoughts From A Balcony (prod. Sap)
05 Aliens Fighting Robots f. Sir Michael Rocks (prod. Brandun Deshay)
06 Vitamins (prod. ID Labs)
07 Fight The Feeling f. Kendrick Lamar & Iman Omari (prod. Iman Omari)
08 Lucky Ass Bitch f. Juicy J (prod. Lex Luger)
09 The Mourning After (prod. Two Fresh)
10 1 Threw 8 (prod. Black Diamond)
11 Ignorant f. Cam’ron (prod. Cardo)
12 The Question f. Lil Wayne (prod. Wally West & ID Labs)
13 Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes) (prod. Clams Casino)
14 Sunlight f. Iman Omari (prod. Teddy Roxpin)
15 Clarity (prod. ID Labs & Ritz Reynolds)
16 America f. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$ (prod. Hannibal King)
17 Fuck ‘Em All (prod. ID Labs)

The Weekend Echos of Silence Mixtape

December 28th, 2011



I got my hands on this Mixtape last week. I first come accross The Weekend from apperances on Drakes album and mentions on his OVO Blog page.

This is the third mixatpe of the triliogy with previous ones being “House  of Balloons” and “Thursday”, which I have yet to listen to. track listing is as follows

01 D.D
02 Montreal
03 Outside
04 XO/The Host
05 Initiation
06 Same Old Song
07 The Fall
08 Next
09 Echoes Of Silence

Download The Weekend Echos of Silence Mixtape

–  Have a listen and let me know what you think by leaving a comment  😉

Bring Me The Head Of Zilla Rocca Mix Tape

January 5th, 2010

Bring Me The Head of Zilla Rocca

Well, Due to the recent snow to hit the Midlands, i ended up with a bit of free time on my hands. So I started to trawl the Internet in order to find some original tunes.

Ended up stubling across this Mix tape by Zilla Rocca which, as i understand is his first solo project. Even though it is dubbed as a ‘mixtape’ i got to say that it is that impressive it is more like album material.

For me, this Mixtape really is entry to other material by ‘Clean Guns’ and ‘Beat Garden Projects’ – having never heard material from this lable before. i am really enjoying what i have found so far… So expect to see the review of more material on here shortly 🙂

Although it is quite recent this tape manages to go back to hip Hop roots and step away from the main stream release’s and as a result is fresh & Authentic. For a while now i have been into finding tracks that go as far back as the early 80’s, due to the fact that they seem to be more authentic than main stream tracks that we get now adays

For more information Check out the Clap Cowards Website

this Mix tape has been made avalible to download for free. i have managed to find a DOWNLOAD here

Zilla Credits

I know that Zilla Invited selected producers in order to remix each track on theis tape and the remix dubbed “Bring me The remix of Zilla Rocca” is out there. So far my attempts to obtain a copy have been unfuitfull, but watch this space

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