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2.8 Hours

November 13th, 2012

Good session in London this weekend with 2.8 Hours getting chased by Zombies and then partying hard in the docklands

Relentless Freeze Festival

October 30th, 2011


Freeze 2011 Highlights from Freeze Festival TV on Vimeo.


Well a bit of a Manic weekend. I was @Freeze Festival in London with the Ski Alpine Crew. Ive not seen most of them since i was last away in the Alps top end of the year so was a good opportunity for a Mash up & a Catch Up

Started drinking pretty early down in Clapham. Hit a House party over in south London and then went on to the festival. Clocks going back meant we got bit more drinking time. Watching some people go over the 32 meter kicker was amazing – this thing is 100m long


The Ramp @ Relentless Freeze Fest



Quite a few different artists there too. So the atmosphere, from what i remember and im not going to lie some of it in patches is a bit blurry was pretty sweet.

Hope to be uploading some pictures at some point So on that note i will leave you with some  BOB snowboarding highlights from the weekend


BOB snowboard highlights from Freeze Festival TV on Vimeo.