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Kicking back on R&R in Dublin

September 24th, 2012



Just came back from a few days in Dublin. made a nice change to be relaxing in a hotel and being able to drink. Hit the Gravity Bar which i havnt been to in years and also Temple Bar…. its true what they say though. Guinness always tastes better in Ireland.

…Going to upload some pictures at some oint when i get a chance

Dougie Fresh’s Stag Do – Northen Ireland

July 1st, 2009


the boys in ireland


Spent last weekend in Northern Ireland to give Doug a good send off. None of us really knew that he was getting married until we got the email telling us that we needed to buy tickets to Derry….. and i didnt even know that it was Northern Ireland until i looked it up on Google Earth

We got their friday morning and started drinking early in the Airport. Really didnt stop until we came home on the Sunday, apart from when we were playing football



Had an nice Apartment in a hotel over looking the river while we were there….. For some this wasnt enough so we ended up renting 2 😛

In true Irish culture, finishing at the club meant that we headed to the after-party at G’s and Antons Crib… Where everyone turned into club reps and got recruiting.

Suppose it was a good job really as when ever we were in a club Stivie B would loose the dance off 😉

Was a cracking weekend. Next time i think that the Irish boys will have to come and play us on our home turf to see if they can keep up.

Shout out goes to G & Anton for letting us all round and trashing their place
Nino –  Your a good cook man, we all have the recipe now so no doubt the boys will be hitting that
Stevie B–  Thanks for organising it all man
Sean – you a stereotypical  Irish man, i remember when your brother could drink like you
Steve – Thing you enlightened all of us on the whole Rum tasting scenario – I still think Jamaican rum is better tho, we will all have to have a tasting sesh
Uche– Ive always where the jokes off a Christmas crackers come from – we now all know that there your classic 1 liners

And last of All Dougie, treasure these photo’s and memories man as next month you will be a married man. No more weekends like this, no more partying at all

Took a few photo’s over the weekend, to see them CLICK HERE

I will also be making all the Photo’s avalible for Download soon, along with the Video
Hutch – if you send me your stuff ill host them too