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Life in Germany

January 23rd, 2012



….. So with RTMC Chilwell passed its off to Germany

I have been here in Germany for near on 2 weeks now, undergoing Pre Deployment training. Completely different to what i am used to in Civvy Life. One thing I’m loving is the chances I’m getting to train.

Last week i managed to hit the gym every day, as well as doing a Biometric circuit session, Basketball, a 6 mile boot run and a 4 mile run in kit carrying 20KG  –  let Op Massive begin!!

Also having the weekend free I’m trying to get out and about to see what Germany & Central Europe has to offer.
Friday night was a bit of a messy one ended up in Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf  so not  a great deal happened on the Saturday since we didn’t get in till like 6am

One advantage of being so close to the border is that its quite easy to get over to Holland. Sunday we went to Roermond.

The Accommodation here is a lot better than what we had at Chilwell. Dont get me wrong, its by no means a 5* place with en-suite & a minibar – were at least in single man rooms now so there is a bit more privacy 😀



One thing I’m a bit gutted about is that last time i was here in September 2011 Oktober fest was on. I really wanted to hit that but training didn’t permit it due to the 2hr drive… I won’t be able to make this year so looks like 2012, I’m going to make sure I’m there!! – Another place i want to hit while I’m here is Nuremberg Ring…. So watch this space!!


Scaling down, getting ready for the move & selling my stuff

December 22nd, 2011


Welll  –  with the year drawing to a close and the fact i have been mobilised with the first stint being in Germany in early 2012. This month has generally been a month of scalling down. Now prehaps im too materialistic  – i know this,   so i have been Selling my Stuff to make sure that im doing it right and not too attached to anything

One of the things i got rid of was my PC  –  so now moved everting over to a combination of a NAS device i have chillin on the LAN and my Apple Mac    –  still a bit reluctant to move to OSX completely   so using VM Fusion to emulate a windows box on my Mac


Quite a good peice of Sotware, means you can toggle between the 2 OS’s without having to reboot or use Boot Camp. Installing a Virtual Windows Machine was the easy bit –  however porting my iTunes colleaction accross was the difficult part. Finally think i have managed to do this successfully. Everything is now on a portable HDD and also held on my NAS for redundancy. The next step is for me to automatically sync my portable drive with my Mac

The 50′ TV has also gone and a bunch of stuff that ive never really used. I am adamant im keeping my car tho, its my baby and cant see me getting another car soon that gives me so much enjoyment