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Cancun Sprin Break 2011 Movie

April 20th, 2011



Well,  i finally managed to finish the Cancun Spring Break 2011 Movie   😀

Had quite a lot of video to shift through and it was all shot in HD  –  so editing it took a while.

Take a look and let me know what you think, leave a comment


Cancun Spring Break 2011

March 23rd, 2011




I just came back from Cancun after spending Spring break  2011 out there. Gotta say had a awesome time.  the Club Scene is pretty immense , so after a week of Tequila im not feeling too great   🙁

managed to hit quite a few of the big clubs out there

– Senior Frogs
– Daddyo’s
– Coco Bongo’s

Coco Bongo – is a bit different to anything ive been to before   it kinda a hybrid of a club and a live show with some impressive performances




we also managed to rent some power boats for the day  –  cruised around the bay and went on a Jungle tour which was good. We drove a few miles out, before going snorkling and driving in again


I took quite a few photo’s while i was out there, well i say i did. More like Andy did but i stole some copies and uploaded them. they can be found by CLICKING HERE

I took a hell of a lot of video while i was away, so when i get the time, i will edit down and make a video much for like i did when i went snowboarding at the beginning of the year