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World B-Boy Classic UK Qualifier

May 13th, 2013


Hit the  2vs2 battle for a place in the World B-Boy Classic finals in Holland. held @Walkabout in Birmingham, wasnt competing fo’sure  but made a change from the   usual   sunday afternoon

Here’s  the video from the 2012 final in Rotterdam…. these guys were next level!!


Snowboarding in Les Arcs

December 24th, 2012


Snowbaording Les Arcs


Just came back from Les Arcs just in time for Christmas. Working as a snowboard Rep with 50+ Brighton medical students was a messy week and a good way to get back into drinking 😀

Ive got the potential for a few more Boarding Trips in the new year, back in the French Alps  then also Austria in March but will have to see with all that is going on

Not many photos as my camera is still broken from when i was out in Cyprus but took quite of footage on my helmet cam which i need to get edited


Upgraded My Helmet Camera

December 5th, 2012


Well Just upgraded my helmet Cam for this coming Season. I did have the Contour GPS but was unable to ger the bluetooth module working and had to return it. The Contour +2 has a few more features.

Im off Snowboarding later this month so will be a god chance to test it 😀

Camp Bastion 5K Midnight Pedro Run

September 29th, 2012



Just completed the Bastion 5K Midnight Pedro Run. Bit of a manic course this as there is about 600+ people running round a Pedro landing pad thats about 1K in total (5 Laps). Makes getting past people the first couple of K’s a bit difficult.

First time ive taken my GPS watch out for a spin. Unfortunately i cant put up the map of the route but above is the run data. Not a brilliant time as i am still getting over man flu, but hey, its for charity so its a good cause….. and you get a TShirt for doing the run

For those of you that use Nike plus you can find me HERE 

Kicking back on R&R in Dublin

September 24th, 2012



Just came back from a few days in Dublin. made a nice change to be relaxing in a hotel and being able to drink. Hit the Gravity Bar which i havnt been to in years and also Temple Bar…. its true what they say though. Guinness always tastes better in Ireland.

…Going to upload some pictures at some oint when i get a chance

Nike + GPS Sports Watch

August 28th, 2012


Just got my new Nike+ GPS watch delivered so i can map and time some more runs 😀

Afghan Gym Workout

August 28th, 2012


Well on the ocassions that we get downtime here……. there is not a great deal to do. I mean the days are long but its not exactly like we can go down the pub after for a few beers. So all there is to do is hit the gym and get on #OPMassive or sleep

Came up with the below training program with a few mates while over in Camp Bastion. Been on it for a couple of moths and already noticing some benifits


Day & Group


  • Dumbell Press
  • Flys
  • Decline
  • Close Arm Press
  • Abs Routine



  •  Kick Backs
  • Lat Pull Down, Straight arm
  • Seated Row
  • Deadlifts or Romanian Deadlifts
  • Abs Routine



  •  Shoulder Press
  • Upright Row
  • Deltoid Raise
  • Standing Fly’s
  • Bounce Press
  • Abs Routine



  •  Bench Press
  • Incline
  • Close Arm Press
  • Flys
  • Decline
  • Abs Routine



  •  Cable Curl
  • 21’s
  • Hammer Curl with rope
  • Seated Curls
  • Abs Routine



  •  Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • 21’s
  • Rope extension pull downs
  • Skull Crusher Superset
  • Tri Kickbacks
  • Abs Routine


Abs Routine

1 x Set done every day

  •  Weighted Situps
  • Weighted Leg Raises
  • Oblique Crunches



Afghanistan Operation Herrick 16

June 2nd, 2012


Well! I’ve been in Afghanistan for little over month now. Flew out via Cyprus. Been trying to update my Blog for quite a while but because of the Internet connection and the fact I have to bounce off several satellites, it has proven a bit difficult. Think I managed to wangle it tho on my IPad as apps seem to be the way forward out here


I started with a 6 day RSOI package, since I should be out and about on the ground every now and then. No doubt the training and tactics will come in handy

Weather here is pretty scorching 40c+ and set to get hotter as the summer continues. Especially warm when your running around in full kit, boots, gloves, helmet, 25Kg of body armour ammunition and task kit

…. Anyway here’s to hopefully future updates – will try and get a few more updates and pics on here as and when I can

Amsterdam 2012

May 1st, 2012


Well decided to burn some more €’s in Amsterdam this weekend just gone.

Stayed in one of the most exclusive hotels the Dam can offer, had a drink in Bar 23 and explored the city. Had an awesome time. The above image is one i took when i was on ferris wheel a bit half cut but considering the circumstances i dont think that its too bad :).

Did the Red Light district Saturday night but with our deployment to Afghan coming up we have to parade every morning, meaning although i got in at 4am i had to drive all the way back to Germany to parade for 10 mins before driving all the way back to Amsterdam. Still means that we got the Sunday there to have a look round and do some toristy things, think all in all i drove about 900KM that weekend, but was worth it so i could spend some more time in the hotel and Amsterdam itself


This was the weekend that the ban on tourists getting weed from the coffee shops  – got to say that it looked just the same as normal not that it would matter as i cant smoke any of the stuff anyway

Anyway, photos can be found HERE – sorry, there isnt any of the RL District but they seem to kick off when you walk around with a camera getting a bit trigger happy


Drake, Club Paradise Tour

April 27th, 2012


Saw Drake play his last venue of the Club Paradise tour at the Nottingham Arena Yesterday. Was a good night out in Nottingham, followed by Hooters for breakfast! #winning – pictures can be found HERE