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2.8 Hours

November 13th, 2012

Good session in London this weekend with 2.8 Hours getting chased by Zombies and then partying hard in the docklands

Kicking back on R&R in Dublin

September 24th, 2012



Just came back from a few days in Dublin. made a nice change to be relaxing in a hotel and being able to drink. Hit the Gravity Bar which i havnt been to in years and also Temple Bar…. its true what they say though. Guinness always tastes better in Ireland.

…Going to upload some pictures at some oint when i get a chance

Amsterdam 2012

May 1st, 2012


Well decided to burn some more €’s in Amsterdam this weekend just gone.

Stayed in one of the most exclusive hotels the Dam can offer, had a drink in Bar 23 and explored the city. Had an awesome time. The above image is one i took when i was on ferris wheel a bit half cut but considering the circumstances i dont think that its too bad :).

Did the Red Light district Saturday night but with our deployment to Afghan coming up we have to parade every morning, meaning although i got in at 4am i had to drive all the way back to Germany to parade for 10 mins before driving all the way back to Amsterdam. Still means that we got the Sunday there to have a look round and do some toristy things, think all in all i drove about 900KM that weekend, but was worth it so i could spend some more time in the hotel and Amsterdam itself


This was the weekend that the ban on tourists getting weed from the coffee shops  – got to say that it looked just the same as normal not that it would matter as i cant smoke any of the stuff anyway

Anyway, photos can be found HERE – sorry, there isnt any of the RL District but they seem to kick off when you walk around with a camera getting a bit trigger happy



April 14th, 2012


Well my Brother graduated from Sandhurst today. Great achievement, great work, so we partyed hard. Pictures are HERE

Gran Canaria

April 4th, 2012


Well with the leave that we have been given in April I’ve decided to get away for a bit, no doubt well deserved with all the training thats been going on. 😉

Hit Gran Caneria for a week or so, wanted to go somewhere i could catch some summer sun, so really we had a choice of Gran Caneria, Tenerife or the Middle east, Egypt kinda way

…hd a really good time and the Atmosphere was quite good even though it was only at the beginning of the season. Didnt realise but there is quite a few clubs with the likes of Pacha, ChinaWhites. We hot quite a few of the bar crawls and even hit the MTV Bat party

The boat party was pretty messy, started early afternoon and went into the evening, unlimited drinks, banana boats & Jetski’s… a winning combination

Anyway, managed to take some PHOTO’s of the trip so check them out


Living it Large in Holland

February 13th, 2012


Weekend gone was nice. Had a trip across the border to Holland and stayed at the Het Arresthuis in Roermond, NL.

Really funky hotel, This place used to be a prison up until the 1990’s at which time it got converted into one of the most stylish places to stay in Holland

Made a nice change to be living it up 5* Stylie, compared to where I’ve been staying the past few months. We went around the city during the day, a bite to eat at the Hotel before going out for a few drinks.

To see some of the photo’s CLICK HERE

Drive to Germany

January 31st, 2012



Well was back in the UK at the weekend, quite a brief visit. Flew from Dusseldorf to Germany and picked my car out of storage in Birmingham

I then drove over to where im based in Germany

By no means the furthest drive ive done, was about 450 miles 1 way in total. I filed up in Birmingham with a full tank. Drove down to Dover – ferry across to Dunkirk, France and through France – Belgium (where i filled up on the E40) – Holland before hitting Germany  so including the Ferry think it cost me about £130 – more expensive than the £90 flight it cost me but with driving there’s no messing about getting to and from the Airports. Im not going to lie, the drive in the Type R was freaking awesome. Especially the last stretch of the Autobahn where there is no speed limit at all …. I know i didnt sell it for a reason, she still puts a smile on my face

.. Well now i have the car with me i have a bit more freedom at the weekends so going to go into some neighbouring countries, perhaps a visit to Nuremberg  Ring some time in March and a Euro trip with my first set of leave in April

Tinie Tempah LG Arena

November 7th, 2011



Was at the LG arena last night to see the Tine Tempah gig. Was a good show – supporting him was JCole who recently signed to Jay Z’s Label Roc Nation and dropped his dabuet album . Believe it is the first time that a UK solo Artist has done an Arena event –  and as you can see from the above pic it was pretty much sold out.

After there   i went to the After Paty @ Gatecrasher’s –  not a bad set but think im beginning to be a bit to old to be drinking on a school night 😉

Relentless Freeze Festival

October 30th, 2011


Freeze 2011 Highlights from Freeze Festival TV on Vimeo.


Well a bit of a Manic weekend. I was @Freeze Festival in London with the Ski Alpine Crew. Ive not seen most of them since i was last away in the Alps top end of the year so was a good opportunity for a Mash up & a Catch Up

Started drinking pretty early down in Clapham. Hit a House party over in south London and then went on to the festival. Clocks going back meant we got bit more drinking time. Watching some people go over the 32 meter kicker was amazing – this thing is 100m long


The Ramp @ Relentless Freeze Fest



Quite a few different artists there too. So the atmosphere, from what i remember and im not going to lie some of it in patches is a bit blurry was pretty sweet.

Hope to be uploading some pictures at some point So on that note i will leave you with some  BOB snowboarding highlights from the weekend


BOB snowboard highlights from Freeze Festival TV on Vimeo.

Malvern Hills

July 24th, 2011



Spent today trekking across the Malvern Hills in Worcester. Been a long time since i have been over this route. We  only did about 11Km in total but the views made a nice change from the normal concrete city views i get from my window.

We started at British Camp, Herefordshire Beacon – Over Black Hill, Pinnacle Hill, Jumblee Hill and Perseverance Hill  before making our way back to British Camp




Everyone made it to the top and we were carrying a bit of weight too so good effort by all , actually really enjoyed it so hope to get some similar things done during my own time. Was quite a nice area so would quite like to go back and see some of the other routes and check out the local pubs      😉