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And Welcome to Chilwell!

January 10th, 2012


Yea Thanks Chilli

Well, im going to keep this one a bit short and sweet. Its been about 3 weeks since ive put my civilian career on hold and signed up for a tour with the Army.

Between Christmas and New Years was a bit manic for me. Had to finish up in the office, move all my stuff from the apartment and pack to go away.

Been @ RTMC Chilwell for about a week and a half now. Going from living in the city centre of Brum, doing what i wanted to when i pleased, To full time service with Army and sharing a 40 man room has been a bit of an adjustment – makes me think that this must be what prison is like. Grown men sleeping on Bunkbeds just aint right ūüėČ

So Chilwell is the place you go through as a TA soldier when you are being mobilized for operational deployment and brought into full time service

In addition to the normal military tests we do. we also get issued our kit for theater. Now what you get issued is dependant on what category you are. Now myself being a Cat 2 means that i should be going out onto the ground every now and then in Afghan, so therefore im issued a bit more. Gotta say im really impressed with the stuff we get issued, without going into specifics  the body armour and IP kit has come a long way since 2001 and it makes me thankful compared to what the boys were deploying with say 5 years or so ago

Been told that i cant have any leave this weekend as we finish Chilwell on Fri and are off to Germany on the Sat with an overnight stay in Redditch which were gated for ūüôĀ – hopefully once we get back to Germany we will be in single man rooms