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Amsterdam 2012

May 1st, 2012


Well decided to burn some more €’s in Amsterdam this weekend just gone.

Stayed in one of the most exclusive hotels the Dam can offer, had a drink in Bar 23 and explored the city. Had an awesome time. The above image is one i took when i was on ferris wheel a bit half cut but considering the circumstances i dont think that its too bad :).

Did the Red Light district Saturday night but with our deployment to Afghan coming up we have to parade every morning, meaning although i got in at 4am i had to drive all the way back to Germany to parade for 10 mins before driving all the way back to Amsterdam. Still means that we got the Sunday there to have a look round and do some toristy things, think all in all i drove about 900KM that weekend, but was worth it so i could spend some more time in the hotel and Amsterdam itself


This was the weekend that the ban on tourists getting weed from the coffee shops  – got to say that it looked just the same as normal not that it would matter as i cant smoke any of the stuff anyway

Anyway, photos can be found HERE – sorry, there isnt any of the RL District but they seem to kick off when you walk around with a camera getting a bit trigger happy


Living it Large in Holland

February 13th, 2012


Weekend gone was nice. Had a trip across the border to Holland and stayed at the Het Arresthuis in Roermond, NL.

Really funky hotel, This place used to be a prison up until the 1990’s at which time it got converted into one of the most stylish places to stay in Holland

Made a nice change to be living it up 5* Stylie, compared to where I’ve been staying the past few months. We went around the city during the day, a bite to eat at the Hotel before going out for a few drinks.

To see some of the photo’s CLICK HERE

Drive to Germany

January 31st, 2012



Well was back in the UK at the weekend, quite a brief visit. Flew from Dusseldorf to Germany and picked my car out of storage in Birmingham

I then drove over to where im based in Germany

By no means the furthest drive ive done, was about 450 miles 1 way in total. I filed up in Birmingham with a full tank. Drove down to Dover – ferry across to Dunkirk, France and through France – Belgium (where i filled up on the E40) – Holland before hitting Germany  so including the Ferry think it cost me about £130 – more expensive than the £90 flight it cost me but with driving there’s no messing about getting to and from the Airports. Im not going to lie, the drive in the Type R was freaking awesome. Especially the last stretch of the Autobahn where there is no speed limit at all …. I know i didnt sell it for a reason, she still puts a smile on my face

.. Well now i have the car with me i have a bit more freedom at the weekends so going to go into some neighbouring countries, perhaps a visit to Nuremberg  Ring some time in March and a Euro trip with my first set of leave in April

Running Round These Past Few Months

March 28th, 2011

Well its been a busy past couple of months for me. Been away on quite a few trips totalling  to over 14,000 miles

November –  Val-DIsere, France
December – Munich, Germany
January – Les Arcs, France
March – Cancun Mexico

So things are settling down to normal now. Also got a project in the pipeline im working on. Designing a website for a firm

My New Toy

October 30th, 2010

Took a trip up to Honda Doncaster last night  to pick up my new Type R GT  🙂

….. thought it was about time that i had a faster toy

Its got quite a good spec… all the normal  Type R features and…. then some, as its the GT model. It also  has SatNav and HFT

The Type R has a high-revving, naturally aspirated inline four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine that produces 201 hp at 7800 rpm and 142.3 lb-ft (193 Nm) of torque available from 5600 rpm. Power is sent to the front wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox. Acceleration to 62 mph is done in 6.6 s and top speed is 146mph (235 km/h). 😉

I also had Honda connect the IPOD adapter for me as its all about driving round to some tunage

well i thought as it was a nice sunny day that id take some photo’s   CLICK HERE

Honda Civic Type R GT FN2

October 28th, 2010

I was up  at Honda  in Doncaster last night as i took a Honda Civic Type R GT for a bit of a spin. Now ive wanted a type R for years   back in 2001 when the EP3 chassis came out… ive waited that long they are now on the FN2/FD2 chassis – its a beautiful car, its just a shame   that they have to stop production of  this version in the later part of this year as it dosent comply with Euro emission legislation

….. So not a Championship White ed

Now i got to say, to begin with –  i never did like the Championship White edition, the only thing that drew me to it was the Limited Slip Differential  meaning in theory you could corner and faster –  but it kind of grew on me 😀

Nor Mugen Tuned ……

The trouble is that each one of the 20 cars available costs £38,599 – a staggering sum for a hot hatch, no matter how exclusive it is.

However, for your nearly £40k, you do get a bit of star treatment. Mugen, the AMG of Honda, will tailor the car to your exact requirements, and you’ll be intimately involved in the build process because Mugen engineers will be in constant contact with you. Even the engine’s ECU mapping can be tailored to suit you.

Mugen doesn’t like turbos, so the naturally aspirated 2.0-litre engine with a new red line of 8,600rpm has had to be extensively retuned to generate the 237bhp and 157lb ft. That’s 39bhp over the normal Type R. You’ll also find stiffer suspension on this Type R, and the Mugen Civic has spent a fair amount of time in Honda’s wind tunnel to get all those scoops and that faintly ridiculous rear wing working properly.

Trip to Wales

June 2nd, 2010


Wales Cottage

Easter Sping break saw me go to Wales for a long weekend with Sam and a few of her work mates for a long weekend in Dyfed, Wales

we rented a Large self catering cottage in a secluded and beautiful spot of west wales. The Cuckoo House was the mansion kitchen of the Dolwilym estate and slept around 8 people

We had a weekend of getting back to basics, chopping wood, building fires and BBQ’s all the way

Camp fire

managed to get some time chilling on the beach too…. although falling asleep in the sun after a few too many pints was a bad idea 😉 

In order to see the photo’s CLICK HERE

Im going to JapFest

May 14th, 2010

Well Im going to JapFest this weekend. Its located @ Castle Combe Circuit

Its the first car show that i have been to in a couple of years, so really looking forward to getting back into the car scene

The above video is from the show in 2009 – so looks promising 😀

The circuit is a bit of a journey away, near the south of Wales so should be a couple of hours drive

Map of Circuit

…. Anyway, i will take my Camera with me and i will try and get some shots of the weekend

Santander British GrandPrix 2009

June 22nd, 2009



F1 British Grand Prix

I was at the British Grand prix over the weekend. Had tickets for all three days.

It could possibly be the last one at Silverstone so couldnt miss it really 🙂

Went witk my mate Nick from Uni. The weather held out but unfortunatly we didnt get a Brit on the Podium 🙁  I was there rooting for Hamilton, but the state of his car i wouldnt of minded if Button Clenched the podium

However, it was a good race for redbull.  a 1-2 for them. With us right opposite the pit straight we could see the Pit crew celebrating as Vettel crossed the finish line

Red Bull Pit Crew


Other than the race there was quite a lot going on with different stands and the Red Arrows display team were there

Red Arrows


They also had the BMW and Porsche super cups, Mark Brundell that used to host the commentary when the coverage used to be on ITV

Mclaren aslo had areas that allowed you to get close to last years car, and thei AMG saftey car

Mercedes AMG saftey Car

Me and Nick were also on stage with the Mclaren Pit crew, trying to beat the record of the day for changing a tyre. we didnt beat it, but 5.8 seconds for a tyre change when your hanging from the night before isnt too bad. I will upload the video as soon as i get a chance

In the meantime you can see the Pictures from the race weekend by CLICKING HERE




Surfing in Newquay Forcast – Wet

August 8th, 2008

Just come back from Surfing in Newquay, had a good time catcking up wth people that ive not seen for a while

The weather was mostly crap and since we were staying in tents for a week it was not really good. Suppose though i couldnt moan as i left it to the last minuite to organise my accomidation by means of getting to Newquay and asking if i could squeeze into a tent


While we were there the Ripcurl Board Masters were on so that was quite good to watch

After six days i finially managed to eryone to do a bit of surfing and we got around to having lessons, which was good hopefully ill be going again sometime soon 🙂

afroboy surfing

After a week of being out on the lash constantly and not long been back from RIAT where again i was constantly on the piss i think i might give up drink for a while………..

Click Here to see PHOTOS