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Sanger Life

July 22nd, 2012


Well I thought I would throw a quick post up since it has been a while. The above is from when I was on Sanger duty, as you can see not very interesting when all you have to look at is the open desert for 24hrs

It’s getting warmer and warmer here, creaping from 45deg upwards so when I was off shif I ended up sleeping outside as being up in the Sanger in all the kit it got pretty warm


For more photos, take a Look at my photos page


Photos from Afghan

July 14th, 2012


I have uploaded a few photos from my tour in Afghanistan, they can be found HERE

… I will try and keep them as up to date as i can for the rest of the time that i am out here  😉


Changing a Tyre with the Maclaren F1 Pit Crew

June 25th, 2009

Me and Nick ended up on stage with some boys from Mclaren. Trying to beet some silly record of 2.5 seconds for changing a tyre. suppose we shouldnt of had a sjin fulll then nighr before really. We still did ok though. 5.8 Seconds 😀

GPS Location

September 1st, 2008

Been a bit bored at work today so ia hvae installed an application on my I Phone that act’s as a tracking beacon. This then interfaces it with google earth
As a result you can track my movements. However this is only active when i activate it

Seems like a cool bit of kit really

a constant track can be found by clicking on GPS Location

Phoning in sick to work

June 19th, 2008

Now look if you sick and not coming into work then fair enough. But there’s no need to but on an ill sounding voice

No one sounds as rough as this guy. Check out recording1

Im just disipointed that ive got such a wimp on my team